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Meet Margery – RPRA committee member

Margery has lived in Repton Park for two years in her newly refurbished apartment. She continues to enjoy and feel ‘ privileged to live in such a unique and stunning setting. Margery appreciates and understands the hard work and effective management needed to preserve the essence of Repton Park. She also understands the importance of the…

Corinne and friends celebrate after completing the course

Running for Repton in the half marathon

If even thinking about running for the bus makes you feel tired, then you may need to sit down first before reading this article, as Repton Park resident Corinne Laken, doesn’t just run for the bus, she runs marathons and half marathons. Corinne’s latest run was in the local Roding Valley half marathon on Sunday,…


Repton park cycling club – coming soon

Yes – with the warmer weather, everyone wants to be out and about, and the Repton Park cycling club will be coming along soon, joining the Repton Park running club. So there’s no excuse not to keep fit, and make some new friends at the same time. Or of course you can join both, and…

Repton Park in bloom

Spring arrives at Repton Park

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and this one really says it all. Spring has finally arrived at Repton Park after a long and very wet winter, and this beautiful picture really does capture the essence of this magical place we all call home. It also speaks volumes for Phil and the team…


Repton park running club – coming soon!!

Yes – Repton Park’s very own running club is coming soon to a house near you! So if you’re keen to make good on all those New Year resolutions, now’s the time to join. It’s free fun and friendly, and will be meeting every Sunday. More details coming soon!


Access Through Gate At The Tongue

The gate at the tongue has been reopened and we will facilitate the opening of other gates into the forest and Claybury Park to improve access for residents to the beautiful grounds around the development. The key for the locks is available at the gatehouse.

virgin active

Virgin Gym Discounts

Virgin have announces that there are now discounts for Repton Park residents of £4.00 per month (nearly £50 per year) to use the onsite gym and pool – all you have to do is take proof of your address.

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New RPRA Website

Welcome to the new RPRA website. We have discarded a lot of old material that was no longer relevant, and given the site a general refresh. Hopefully you will find it easier to use and will visit more often. We certainly intend to update it more frequently than the old site and we are investigating…